You’re on eBay. You’re in the PGA Superstore taking a look at the newest iron sets from all the best brands in golf. What’s the first thing you notice? The looks, of course. Is there anything sexier than a beautiful set of bladed irons that you consider buying even though you have no right buying due to your double-digit handicap? 

We’ve all done it. 

But, did you know, the link between you and your favorite brand may be a direct correlation with your personality type instead of just cosmetic preference. 

Stephen Smith, the chief psychologist at the UK-based Sports Psychology Ltd, conducted research earlier this year comparing self-proclaimed introverts and extroverts (among other personality traits) to see if their preference in golf brands were homogeneous across the board. 

The results were telling.

Among hundreds of golfers involved with the study, 40% of introverts said their favorite brand was PING, while 18% said Titleist. On the other hand, extroverts had a wide variety of brands. However, TaylorMade and Callaway accounted for 40%.

So for Smith, what does this mean for golf manufacturers?

“This study shows that golf needs to be much more sophisticated in its understanding of the customers it is connecting with, and in the way it communicates, to build that connection,” Smith said.

While other brands struggle to connect with their customers and followers, here at Blue Tees, we thrive on giving our following the best options available.

That’s the reason we came out with our color line of the Series 3 Max. If you want Black, if you want Pink, even if you want to stick with our classic Navy, the Series 3 Max will look good on any bag in the world.

“Our selection of the Series 3 Max Rangefinders offers a color to match any golfer’s style. The original navy and white, the recently released pink and the new matte black, all of which will make an on-trend statement, but the key component of these rangefinders are their performance and next generation technology.” -  Taylor Herber, Blue Tees Golf Vice President of Sales

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