Richardson will be the key communications executive to oversee collaboration between all departments

Blue Tees Golf, a rapidly growing producer of golf rangefinders and accessories, has selected Sarah Richardson to oversee communications and collaborations cross-departmentally as the company’s Head Project Manager.

“Sara’s appointment as Head Project Manager is critical to Blue Tees Golf’s continue growth. Her ability to focus our remarkably busy departments and their teams will help to them reach key milestones and objectives. I know she will help to keep all of us moving toward company goals,” said Taylor Herber, Vice President of Sales at Blue Tees Golf.

Richardson will also be responsible for identifying, hiring, and managing outside consultants. Additionally, she will establish promotional and licensing divisions, and partner with the sales team to facilitate sales avenues.

Prior to joining Blue Tees Golf, Richardson was the International Sales Project Manager at Strideline where she developed and implemented strategic projects with the goal to acquire targeted partners to increase revenue. She helped to launch new products and marketing initiatives and her capacity to streamline processes for Salesforce CRM made her one of the most successful sales representatives at the company.

“I look forward to being the liaison between leadership and the various departments. My role will prove to benefit communications, sales, and processes which should help the company overall which is exciting,” said Richardson.

In addition to working at Strideline, Richardson worked at IBM as a Cybersecurity Sales Project Manager. She managed holistic SaaS cyber security portfolio projects for C-suite professionals in state and local government, healthcare, and higher education.

Richardson graduated with a B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Professional Sales from Baylor University, Honors College, Foster School of Business, Waco, Texas.

About Blue Tees Golf:

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