Our best rangefinder just got a whole lot better. 

The Series 3 MAX is now available in not only the original BLUE, but PINK and BLACK. 

Taylor Herber, our Vice President of Sales, along with our whole team couldn’t be more excited about the new color-ways, and we believe this is a game changer for all of our favorite female players.

“The women’s segment of the golf market has grown steadily over the past decade but during the pandemic a large percentage of the new golfers are women. We decided to be the first in the golf rangefinder space to address women golfers.” - Herber.

Not only are the new versions of the Series 3 MAX new colors, everything included in your bundle is that same hue. 

Despite the different look, these new versions of the Series 3 MAX include all the amazing features of the original, including…

  • Adaptive Slope Switch: Allowing players to switch from tournament legal readings, to elevation adjusted ones.
  • Auto-Ambient Display: Our display adjusts depending on the light outside, giving you the clearest number of any rangefinder in the market
  • Built-in Magnetic Strip: Gone are the days of needing a magnetic strap attached to your laser. Our Series 3 MAX has one built in for easy attachment to your cart.

We couldn’t be more excited about being a leader in the female golfer market, but these new colors transcend gender or identification. We’re looking forward to seeing whoever connects with these rangefinders, and can’t wait to see them all over the globe.

If you’re interested in purchasing a PINK or BLACK Series 3 MAX, click here for more information.