The weather’s getting chilly, the days are getting shorter, and all these changes can only mean one thing: It’s the holiday season. To celebrate, our family at Blue Tees has decided to give back to our incredible supporters, followers, and fans with our biggest sale yet. Today, Black Friday, you can get $130 off any rangefinder on our site!

Our new Series 3 Max is available for $229, down from the normal $359. Best of all, this sale also applies to our brand-new Black and Pink versions of our S3 Max!

The Series 3 Max is the best rangefinder we’ve ever made with technology to guarantee incredible performance for you on the golf course.

Slope Switch Technology

  • Regardless if you’re playing in a tournament, or Sunday morning with your buddies, the Series 3 Max can adjust to whatever you need. For tournament play, switch off the slope toggle to receive the actual distance and avoid breaking event rules. But when you’re just teeing it up to have some fun, turn the Slope Switch Technology back on to receive the adjusted number to make elevated shots easier!

Auto Ambient Display

  • Have you ever had trouble reading your rangefinder? Really sunny outside and the screens too bright to read? Playing a quick twilight 9 and the setting sun is making it difficult to find a number? That’s no longer a problem with our Series 3 Max. Our Auto Ambient Display adjusts to the outside light, guaranteeing an easy-to-read number. Enjoy our laser no matter when your tee time is!

Magnetic Strip

  • Gone are the days of purchasing an off-brand strap to attach to your laser. Gone are the days of chucking your rangefinder in a cup holder whenever you’re done with it. With our Series 3 Max, a magnetic strip is built right into the body to make it easier to attach it to your cart and move on to your next shot.

Along with the Series 3 Max, you can get our older generation rangefinders for a ridiculous deal! 

Series 2: $159

Series 2 Pro: $194

From everyone here at Blue Tees, we hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones after the chaotic year that was 2020. We look forward to growing with you in 2022. Happy Holidays to you and yours!