Blue Tees Golf x Amateur Players Tour

Are you an avid PGA Tour fan? Who am I kidding, if you’re on our site looking to grab a BlueTees rangefinder, I’m willing to bet when Sunday afternoon rolls around you’re on your couch watching the best players in the world duel it out down the back-nine. That brings us to the question…

Have you ever wanted to tee it up among your peers and see how your game stacks up? Compete with the goal of qualifying for a championship held at one of the most storied courses in our country?

If your answer was yes, which I presume it was, may we introduce you to the Amateur Players Tour. 

The APT is constructed of 35 chapters across the United States and Canada, filled with players of differing skill levels. Unlike most tournament organizations, the APT hosts competitions of various formats. Stroke-play, match-play, skins, stableford, and even team events. Whatever style of golf you like to play, the Amateur Players Tour has you covered. 

Each field is distributed into 5 different divisions depending on skill level to make sure all players feel comfortable. Each division will compete for VISA gift card payouts, as well as trophies! On top of that, golfers are able to accrue National Player of the Year points and a birth in the North American Championship. Where is that being held you ask?

Pinehurst, NC. I’d say that’s an okay venue. 

And best of all, with absolutely no bias, Blue Tees Golf is a key sponsor of the Tour! So on top of all the incredible things you’re offered within APT, all members are eligible for exclusive discounts on our rangefinders! 

More than half of the players in the league already have a Blue Tees rangefinder in the bag! There’s a few reasons for that…

  1. On top of our incredible quality, our lasers also beat our competitors in the price department!
  2. Thanks to the Slope-Switch Technology featured on our BRAND NEW Series 3 Max, the rangefinder is tournament legal! 

If you’re interested in more information regarding the Series 3 MAX, click here

The last thing to discuss: price. All it takes is a payment of $125 and you’re eligible to enter any nation wide event you would like. The APT lays out everything for you. Tournament cost, nearby hotels with nightly fee, and anything else you may need. 

If you’re interested, check out the Amateur Players Tour’s site here.