Blue Tees Golf Ambassador Program

Blue Tees Golf has always had the goal of connecting with the everyday golfer. Building a community of people that truly love the game of golf, and experiences that come along with it. Now, we have built something we are extremely excited about - The Blue Tees Golf Brand Ambassador Program. 

We have started this program to intimately learn about golf communities around the world, to better understand how golfers use their rangefinders. With all of this information, we can further develop our products to bring you the ultimate experience during each and every one of your rounds. Now how does it work? 

This program allows our ambassadors access to development tools and experiences, products to test, and the opportunity to earn incredible commission. We want to collaborate with golfers from all areas in order to support players across the world. 

And commissions are only the beginning to the benefits of this program…

  • $250 Monthly Bonus 
  • 50% off your first rangefinder 
  • 20% ALL apparel 
  • & more!

  • This partnership opportunity is just the first step in creating collaborations within the network of Blue Tees affiliates. We want to release big things together, to really make a difference in the golf community. When you’re an ambassador for Blue Tees, you’re not just a partner, you’re an extension of the brand. We can change the game together. 

    If you’re interested in joining this program, our team, check out the link below: