Why People Choose Blue Tees Golf

Quality and well designed range finders - for less. We get the idea of why people choose Blue Tees is simple, but is there more? Is there a bigger reason why golfers keep coming back, and better yet, keep recommending us to their family and friends?

Here at Blue Tees, we pride ourselves on 2 things: Customer Service and Quality of Product. We want to take care of any need our golfers have, and perform above and beyond their expectations. On top of that, we need our rangefinders to perform at a level where any golfer could pick it up and go. Of course, there have been bumps in the road - but those experiences just make us better. 

Still unsure about us? Take a look at some of these reviews left on BlueTeesGolf.com…

“I have used a few different rangefinders in the past that are way more expensive. For the price, this is the best rangefinder I have used. Plus it just looks sick!”

Ryan M. 10/13/2020 (5 Stars)


“Amazing Rangefinder. Incredibly accurate and the slope has really helped me dial in distances. Half the price of anything comparable, I’d highly recommend this to anyone (in fact I have haha)”

Jeremy H. 9/25/2020 (5 Stars)


“Excellent customer service, I had an issue with mine and they were able to resolve the issue over email in under 1 week. Great doing business with blue tees.”

Spencer B. 11/19/2020 (5 Stars)


Although Customer Service and Quality are immensely important, there are other things we do at Blue Tees to separate ourselves from competition. Style. Style, from the beginning,  is something we looked at in the rangefinder market and didn’t see. All rangefinders look the same, and to be honest, add nothing to the visual pleasure of your golf bag. We set out to change that.


Both of our rangefinders are sleek, lightweight, smaller than the average rangefinder, and of course - stylish. These won't just be another part of your bag, they’ll be the highlight. 


“Loved the look so I pulled the trigger. Rangefinder was money. I have an old Bushnell and this was a significant upgrade.”

Nick M. 6/3/2020 (5 Stars)

If you don’t trust us about the look of our lasers, check with Google…


And recently featured in Golf Digest's article for Best Rangefinders of 2021

If you’re interested in making your rangefinder not only a benefit to your game, but to your bag, check out our Series 2 or Series 2 Pro Slope today!