Series 3 Max vs. Bushnell's TOUR V5 Shift

Casual round with your buddies, or tournament ready. Our Series 3 Max rangefinder has you covered no matter what kind of golf you’re playing. 

Of course, we at Blue Tees aren’t the first ones to install this “switch” technology. The big brands have been doing it for a bit now (which doesn't mean they do it better), so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go toe-to-toe with one of the biggest names in golf technology. Bushnell. 

On their roster of lasers, they feature the Bushnell TOUR V5 Shift. Their goal was the same as ours - create a rangefinder that allows you to play the ‘true distance’ number during an early Sunday morning round, and one that abides to all the rules during tournament play. So without further adieu, let’s go over all the aspects of the V5. 


Bushnell TOUR V5 Shift 

Slope-Switch Technology 

  • A switch on the side of the laser allows the player to change between a slope and non-slope setting. The slope setting will calculate distance by integrating the elevation change to the flag. The non-slope setting is designed for tournament play. 

Integrated BITE Technology

  • Built right into the rangefinder is a magnetic strip, allowing the player to attach the laser right to the cart without the need for a separate magnetic strap. 

Visual Jolt 

  • Once the rangefinder has calculated the distance to the pin, it will vibrate and lock into the flag to give you assurance that you have the right number. 

Other features include…

  • A range of 1,300 yards 
  • Within 1 yard of accuracy 
  • Dimensions: 4.5”L, 1.5”W, and 3.0”H

Price: $399.99


Now, let’s go over our 3 max...

BlueTees Golf Series 3 Max

Slope-Switch Technology

  • Just like the Bushnell model, the 3 Max features a switch on the side of the laser, allowing the player to change between a slope and non-slope setting. 

Magnetic Strip

  • On the side of the rangefinder is a built-in magnetic strip, this allows the player to attach the laser to the cart without needing an external strap. Has your laser ever fallen off the cart? That won’t happen with the 3 Max, it has one of the strongest magnets in the game. 

Auto-Ambient Display 

  • This is the first of its kind. Our 3 Max automatically adjusts it’s display to contrast all lighting conditions to guarantee a clear reading evey, single, time. 

Pulse Vibration

  • When the Series 3 Max gives you a number, you’ll be confident you have the right one due to the pulse vibration technology. It will vibrate in your hand when you’re ready to go. 


  • What good is a number if it’s not close? Our Series 3 Max is one the best rangefinders in the market when it comes to accuracy, all readings are within a yard.

Other features include…

  • 4K display
  • 900 yard range
  • Water resistant

Price: $259.99

Like I said earlier, just because the big brands have had slope switch technology in their lasers for a few years, doesn’t mean they do it better than us. Our Series 3 Max matches the TOUR V5 in every category, and outperforms it in several additional ones. And the best part…

You save $140. 

If you still need more convincing about just how good the Series 3 Max is, check out this review sent in by Todd, one of the first to receive our groundbreaking laser...