Blue Tees Series 2 Pro vs. Bushnell Tour V5

An often overlooked piece of the golf bag is the rangefinder. Players either pass on them due to their cost, or have one that they got on Amazon for $40 and then complain that it doesn’t work after the 3rd round with it. There are so many brands out there, and because of that, finding the perfect rangefinder for your game can be a challenge. The biggest name in the rangefinder space, arguably, is Bushnell. They offer tons of different products from their standard rangefinder, to GPS watches, to a combo GPS & Launch Monitor. But with the name, comes a huge price tag. 

Here at Blue Tees, our goal is to provide the best rangefinders in the market, but with a friendly price. Today, we’re going to take a look at all of the features of our Series 2 Pro rangefinder and compare it to the features of Bushnell’s cheapest option, the Tour V5. 


Bushnell Tour V5 Rangefinder


Let’s start with the price - $299.99. This rangefinder is Bushnell’s base model, so the features are limited. The V5 contains BITE magnetic technology, which allows the user to put the rangefinder directly on the metal bar of a golf cart without the need for a strap. When the laser locks in on the target, a vibrating pulse is sent through the rangefinder accompanied by a flashing red circle around the number. They have enhanced the color from the V4, making the process more visually pleasing. On their site, they say all numbers provided by the V5 are within a  yard of the actual number. With the name also comes PGA TOUR backing, as over 99% of Tour Pros use a Bushnell. 

Next, let’s tackle size. The V5 is 4.5’’ in length, 1.5’’ in width, and 3.0’’ in height. This size rangefinder is very standard, making it easy to store in any golf bag. 


Because this is their base model, there is no slope technology. To get this, you will need to upgrade to the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift, which has all the features already listed plus slope calculation. The V5 Shift is priced at $399.99. 


Blue Tees Series 2 Pro 

The price of our Series 2 Pro - $199.99. This rangefinder is our best model, which makes it top of the line. The Pro emits short vibrating pulses to confirm it has locked onto your target, not what's behind it. Our rangefinder is also accurate to within a yard, and has a long distance range of 800 yards. It is water resistant - if you’re ready to play a round through wind and rain, so is this laser. The HD display of the Series 2 Pro is adjustable, which helps maximize the viewing experience. In the box, the rangefinder is accompanied by a hard-shell carrying case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and two CR2-3V batteries. 

Size: 4.4’’ in length, 1.6’’ in width, and 2.9’’ in height. The Series 2 Pro is slightly smaller than the Tour V5, making it more storable in your bag. 

Our Series 2 Pro matches Bushnell’s Tour V5 in every category, and out performs it with advanced features. To get a model comparable to ours, an upgrade is needed which comes with even a higher price tag. Their slope version costs $399.99, while ours costs $199.99. 

If you’re looking for a rangefinder with top of the line features, and a friendly price tag, look no further than our Series 2 Pro. Find the entire list of features here